Ryan’s Windows Limited Terms & Conditions of Contract


The installation ordered is made specially to fit the property detailed and therefore this contract is not subject to cancellation except within the five day “cooling off” period form date of contract. Cancellations, which must be in writing, should be forwarded to the Company immediately.


Should cancellation be accepted outwith the cooling off period then 10% of the contract price will be chargeable to the customer to cover administration costs


All Company’s representatives associated with this contract are authorised to accept payment on behalf of the company. All cheques should be made payable to Ryan’s Windows Limited and it is agreed that all arrangements between the Company’ s representative and the purchaser are written down on the Contract.


No verbal or written conditions or promises except these stated on the contract form shall be recognised.


Where a cash sale is made, payment is due on completion of the installation after the final inspection. The Company reserves the right to thereafter charge interest at the rate of 2% over current bank rate for any unpaid accounts.


When structural alterations are made, we do not undertake to paint or redecorate.


It is assumed that the hidden fabric of the building is sound. Any defects noted by our survey during or at installation will be advised for your further instruction.


The Company cannot guarantee the elimination of condensation by the installation of products specified on this contract.


The Company cannot accept liability for any accidental damage to Telecommunications wiring or alarm /equipment where this is attached, passes through or is an integral part of an existing window door frame.


The Company guarantees from the date of Installation of UPVC or Aluminium door and window frames and that fault being proved to be due to the manufacturer or fitting by the Company, same will be serviced free of charge to the customer for 10 Years from the installation date, reserving the right to charge for travel cost. Glazed units will in the event of a fault be replaced free of charge to the customer for the first 12 months and for the following 4 Years if the Company is at fault, glazed units will be supplied free of charge.


All orders are subject to a site survey by a Company Technical Surveyor. The Company reserves the right to withdraw from any report resulting in an unacceptable report.


All our guarantees will automatically pass on to the new owners in the event of a transfer of ownership of the property.


The Company excludes liability for accidental damage/breakage to existing tiles and cannot undertake re-tiling, with any void area rendered.


Any alteration to pelmets or blinds, electric wiring, radiators, fitments, etc., found necessary to house the ordered goods is the responsibility of the customer.


Any plasterwork or rendering shall be left unpainted and no redecorating is included.


The Company accepts no responsibility for any glass breakage after installation however caused.


Where brickwork is to be knocked down the Company cannot be held responsible for any consequential damage.


When making necessary work the Company will endeavour to match existing materials e.g. bricks, floors, but reserve the right to substitute other materials.


It is not always possible to establish at the time of ordering whether a lintel is required. Should this become evident, and extra charge would be levied.


The goods stated in the contract will remain the sole and absolute property of the company until the customer has paid the full invoice price including provision for clearance of cheques by the Company bankers. If payment is not made by the due date advised in writing, the Company reserves the right to give notice to the customer of their intention to retain or retake possession of the goods. The customer hereby grants an irrevocable right of licence to the company and its servants and agents to enter the customer’s premises with or without vehicles during normal business hours to remove the goods even if they have been installed whereupon the contract shall be deemed to have been cancelled by mutual consent. These events will result in forfeit of customers deposit and may result in the customer being charged the expenses incurred in the repossession.


All our guarantees will automatically pass on to the new owners in the event of a transfer of ownership of the property.


The guarantee shall become void if the full price is not paid on the due date.


Any complaint regarding material or workmanship must be advised to us in writing within seven days of installation.


The safety and security of all materials and part-completed installations shall be the responsibility of the customer and the customer should ensure adequate insurance to cover any contingency.


The Company will under no circumstances accept liability for any consequential loss or damage.


Payment shall be made to the Company on completion of the installation of the Goods at which time: A Customer who is paying by cash must pay the full balance outstanding and a Customer who is paying through a loan from a Finance Company or any other financial loan source must forthwith sign the necessary documents provided by the Company for the purpose of arranging the loan and forward these to the Company.


The customer acknowledges and agrees in relation to the goods. The existence of an immediate binding fiduciary relationship between itself and the Company in relation to the Goods; and that the Customer is in possession of the Goods solely as fiduciary bailee for the Company until such time as the full purchase price of the goods is paid to the Company.


Customer Obligations


The Customer shall pay for any additionsl work or materials necessary if any alterations to the work specified in the order are required, will accept delivery and provide access within normal working hours to enable the installation to be completed forthwith up on being advised that the goods are ready for installation. If within 21 days of receiving notice of readiness access is not provided to the Customer’s premises then the balance of the purchase price shall become immediately due and payable and interest shall be payable: warrants that the premises comply with current building regulations applicable and acknowledge that the Goods when installed should not and will not be considered a structural part of the premises so as to support any brick work and acknowledges that the Company are entitled to assume that the structure of the premises are adequate: shall remain responsible for the security of his premises for the security during the installation and acknowledges the Company and its officers, servants and agents have no responsibility therefore.


Upon completion the installation will be wiped over to remove finger marks and smidges but cleaning will exclude the removing of small specks and decorating of any surrounding areas is expressly excluded.


All glass is the best available, but glass manufacturers will not guarantee against minor imperfections and the Company shall not be held responsible for such imperfections.